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Wild Boar

Sus Scrofa

The population of wild boar in Estonian territory has varied considerably during the last few centuries. Males are much larger than females, usually weighing between 100 and 150 kg, and in rare cases up to 300 kg. Sows (females) weigh on average 80 to 199 kg. Piglets weigh 20 to 30 kilos in autumn. Wild boars belong to gregarious species, so males join the herd only during the breeding season, which lasts from November to January. The males have an intense fight and the winner inseminates all the female animals of the herd. Gestation lasts 4-5 months. Piglets are born from March to May, mainly in April. The sow has an average of 5 to 8 piglets, and in rare cases up to 12 piglets. An adult individual may weigh over 200 kilograms. The main enemy of the wild boar is the wolf. Read more

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Wild boar hunting

Period: All year round

Approach: spot, stalk and driven

Physical level: moderate

Method: rifle

Expected trophy size kiler: from 17cm – 20cm

Days: 3 hunting days (6 nights)


Individual hunting

 1st Day: arrival to Tallinn Airport, transfer to the hunting lodge, dinner

Days 2nd to 4th: wild boar hunting (evening)

5th Day: breakfast & transfer to Tallinn Airport



Driven hunting

1st Day: arrival to Tallinn Airport, transfer to the hunting lodge, dinner

Days 2nd to 4th: wild boar hunting (during the day)

5th Day: breakfast & transfer to Tallinn Airport


Wild boar can be hunted year round. Hunting dogs can be used from October 1st to March 31st. Wild boar is usually hunted from a tree stand on the feeding grounds or from a crop field. The best time to hunt wild boars is in winter when the ground is covered with snow. In this period, it is easy to follow the tracks of the boar using dogs equipped with a GPS device. After the African swine fever entered Estonia in 2016, the population of wild boars has gone down heavily. Due to this, we do not offer any wild boar hunting in Estonia currently.

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Services include

  • Meet and greet at Tallinn Airport
  • Ground transfer from/ to Airport
  • Accommodation in the hunting lodge with FB
  • Estonian hunting permit
  • All local hunting licenses
  • Professional hunting guide
  • Ground transportation during the hunt
  • First preparation of the trophies

Does not include

  • International flights
  • Gun rental and ammo
  • Packing of trophies
  • Shipping of trophies
  • Taxidermy
  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities

Additional services

  • Sightseeing tours
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Extra hunting day
  • Observer

With respect to trophies

Gold Medal

120 + CIC

Silver Medal

115,00- 119.99 CIC

Bronze Medal

110,00- 114.99 CIC

Hunting lodge in Estonia

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