Necessary Documents To Hunt In Estonia

Passport or ID card ( for EU citizens )

Hunting license from the country of origin

European Firearms Pass ( for EU citizens )

A weapon permit ( for NON EU citizens)

Trip Insurance

The customer acknowledges that insurance has been offered for purchase that would provide compensation for lost or damaged luggage, trip cancellation, medical expenses, medical evacuation, and supplier bankruptcy.

WHE highly recommends that all customers purchase trip cancellation insurance!


To hunt with WHE, it is necessary to accept and sign an Agreement that regulates the hunting terms and conditions of service provided by WHE. The Agreement will be provided to the hunter before booking, for review and signature.

The Agreement may be signed and executed in any of the following ways:

1. by mailing or delivering the signed Agreement back to WHE;

2. by emailing a scanned copy of the signed Agreement to WHE;

3. or via electronic signature.

If the signed Agreement is emailed or signed electronically, the Customer agrees that such signature and document shall be treated in all respects as having the full force and same effect as a document provided to WHE containing an original handwritten signature.

Deposits And Payment Schedule

The payment schedule for all trip reservations are as follows (unless otherwise specified in writing by WHE): a 50% deposit is required to confirm trip dates and to book the trip within 14 days of making the reservation. Trips arranged more than a year in advance, only require a 25% deposit. Trip balances are due to WHE 60 days prior to the start dates of the trip or in Estonia before beginning the hunt. If deposits are not received per the payment schedule, and the customer fails to respond to payment notification by WHE within 10 days following notice, all deposits and payments shall be forfeited.