Red Deer

Cervus elaphus

Estonia is the northern boundary for the red deer population. The population here has its origins in the introduced individuals. Today there is a strong population on the west coast and on the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. On the mainland, the population is growing fast. The deer are strongly moving into Estonia from the south, across the Latvian boarder. The mating season begins in September and usually lasts about a month. The gestation period lasts for about eight months. Fawns are born in late May or early June. One to two fawns are usually born. Adult males weigh on average 200 kg and females about 120 kilograms. Read more

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Red deer hunting

Period: September 1st to October 1st

Approach: spot and stalk

Physical level : moderate

Method: rifle

Expected trophy size stag: from 7kg – 10kg

Days (rut period): 5 hunting days (6 nights)


1st Day: arrival to Tallinn Airport, transfer to hunting lodge, dinner

Days 2nd to 6th: stag hunting (morning/ evening)

6th Day: breakfast & transfer to Tallinn Airport


Red deer can be hunted from August 15th to February 15th. Good trophy stag can be harvested during the rutting season in September to early October.
Hunting is done by stalking and imitating the voice of a male stag. Some trophies can weigh up to 12 kg. When hunting stag during this period, a medal trophy is guaranteed. Starting from October, hunting is done with beaters and dogs mostly. In the evenings, there is also the possibility to hunt from the rooftops next to the feeding fields or salt stones. Every year more than 2,000 red deers are hunted in Estonia.

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Services include

  • Meet and greet at Tallinn Airport
  • Ground transportation during the hunt
  • Accommodation in the hunting lodge with FB
  • Estonian hunting permit
  • All local hunting licenses
  • Professional hunting guide
  • Ground transportation during hunt
  • First preparation of the trophies

Does not include

  • International flights
  • Gun rental and ammo
  • Packing of trophies
  • Shipping of trophies
  • Taxidermy
  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities


  • Sightseeing tours
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Extra hunting day
  • Observer

With respect to trophies

Gold Medal

210,00 + CIC

Silver Medal

190- 209.99 CIC

Bronze Medal

170- 189.99 CIC

Hunting lodge in Estonia

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