Trophy hunting

WHE is one of the most successful hunting companies in Estonia. Between myself and my guides, we have helped thousands of clients to fulfill their dreams of harvesting European Brown Bear, Moose, or Roe Buck in the untouched wilderness of Estonia and many other species around the world.

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Who is Timo?

Most of my hunting and guide time has been spent in Estonia. Outfitting is a way of life for me; one that I cherish because I love to hunt, the wilderness and the game. I enjoy the challenge of being independent. I hope to continue this way of life for a long time to come.

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Happy Clients

This year, just like the previous year, I had an opportunity to participate in bear hunting in
Estonia, organized by Wild Hunt Estonia (WHE). The hunt took place from the tower, and I managed to hunt a bear of 164 kg on the third night. I want to express my gratitude to WHE and Timo, the leader of the hunting, for well-organized hunting, relaxation, and the adrenaline gained. There are a lot of bears in hunting areas due to the constant feeding from spring to the end
of the season. Bears love to visit these areas and it can be noticed that the company takes into account customer satisfaction and ensures successful hunting. Even before it was dark I was able to see more than one smaller bear going to taste the treats. You can experience even more excitement at night – I saw bears driving away boars from their feeding place. A
hunter just needs patience waiting for his trophy, which will sooner or later show up anyway. Accommodation conditions in a hunter’s house are great, the order is maintained everywhere. Besides hunting, the kitchen, where the food is delicious and always served fresh, also left a positive impression. I am sending separate regards to a pleasant and always smiling chef.
Thanks again to the whole team of WHE and I wish you continued a successful business.

Česlovas, Lithuania

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“I would like to express my gratitude to “Wild Hunt Estonia” for the good organization of hunting in the period of September 1-4 2020, for the emotions and adrenaline that I received during a successful bear hunt, and for those memories after the hunt that fill my life and make it more interesting. Special thanks to Timo for his patience and professionalism.”

Pavel Fedyanin, Lithuania

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